11 Nisan 2016



I have been following the smell of great coffee and finally found myself at the centre of the coffee land; at the London Coffee Festival!

It was an amazing experience for me, as a coffee enthusiast. The festival was full of workshops, coffee tastings, new friendships, network opportunities, barista competitions (especially Latte Art :)) and so on.

My adventure at the festival started with an excellent Espresso Martini and wonderful DJ Performance at VIP Suite. After I read the event guide and have an overall idea about the event plan, I started coffee tasting; A lot of coffee tasting :) Wish I could say that I stored enough coffee for all week  BUT I could not; COFFEE IS NEVER ENOUGH!

While learning the essentials of coffee making and serving process, I could also have a chance to meet some of coffee shops & brand owners to talk about their business backgrounds as well as their future goals.

It was pretty obvious that most of them were there not only for serving their coffee and raising their brand image but also giving deep knowledge about how to source, to roast and to deliver coffee varieties at the best quality.

Since it’s been a lot going on there, I decided to keep this blog post laconically…

Thanks to the concept was coffee, the ideas were wise and the outcomes were worth to share!

If you’re a person who likes creativity when it turns into meaningful and aesthetic concepts, keep reading my post,  you would probably like what you’ll see 😉



Let’s start with LA CABRA Coffee Roasters.

Their aim is something known by the coffee experts but has not been applied to coffee industry from most of coffee producers yet; Reaching the purest, cleanest and finest coffee by reflecting sustainability, traceability and a sound production throughout the whole process.


Their motto is clear; BRIGHTER IS BETTER!

You can watch their video on their website and learn more about where the coffee they serve and distribute comes from and learn the amazing path of the roasting process.  They use social media tools actively so that,  you can also follow them on their social media accounts and learn more about their activities, current news as well as you can order their special coffees from their website.

 Click here for their Facebook Page

Click here for their Instagram Account

Click here to learn more about them and watch the amazing video on Home Page 😉


What Happens When You Get Inspired from Coffee Beans to Design Accessories? 

KAAWA‘s collection totally amazed me; It was so gorgeous!

As they stated;

Project Kaa-wa connects the world of stories, jewellery illustrations and good coffee.

photo 2 photo 3

Gold has never been seen this much beautiful; At least by me :)

People always ask me why you don’t wear earring or rings often; It just doesn’t come to my mind before I go out. However, I’m pretty sure that I can wear these earrings and rings in every single day WHICH MEANS, I will definitely be following this collection and choose my favourite ones to purchase in next months 😉

You can see their product details by clicking here :)

Congratulations Anna Steinerová; This project was one of my favourite from the festival 😉


The Steampunk Coffee Machine by Professor Harris

Well, I must admit that I couldn’t see where was the glass and cold drip coffee first when I looked at this intriguing machine. As you can see, the machine was something you cannot see in a usual day and the process was a bit different, than ordering a coffee early in the morning when you are on your way to work. While I was sipping my cold trip coffee, I also enjoyed watching the coffee scenes from different movies; That was the creative part as well :)
12931183_1680869012162463_3924645563689152716_n 12963632_1680869015495796_4489535817074746384_n

 photo 1

You can find the Facebook page, belongs to the machine from here

It has Instagram account too 😉



You should meet the World’s first and only sustainable coffee scrubs. 

By using recycled coffee grounds, they aim to minimise waste and to prevent coffee getting sent to landfill.

Personally, I do not use too much chemicals on my skin and because of this, coffee scrubs seem as a good choice for me considering my daily habits which are drinking coffee and keeping my chemical usage at the lowest level 😉 I had a chance to try Optiat on my left hand at the festival and I could easily feel the difference between my left and right hands.

photo 3 photo 4

I will try to use it on my hand on a regular basis and hopefully see the best results in next days.

You can reach Optiast’s online link below;

Instagram: Optiat_co

Facebook: Optiat



Thanks to The London Coffee Guide, I will keep tasting coffee at different #independent coffee venues in London. This means, we will never end our #coffee conversations my dear readers …

Yagmur 😉

photo 1

Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

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