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Ocak 2016

I Let Myself To Speak Up!

24 Ocak 2016

Everything started with this TED Talks video;

After i watched the video has been shared on TedTalks website, I started to think about my experiences on this issue. Gender violence! The real and unfortunately bad memories which Meera Vijayann shared; First made my cry and then made me stronger to write on about my experiences in Turkey. Although, I feel myself lucky because I haven’t been killed by any men after i’ve been raped, I still suffer from sexual and verbal harassment in Istanbul and this hasn’t changed in Antalya where is my hometown too!

Let me tell you about how my morning started 2-3 weeks ago;

I woke up at 06:30, had my breakfast at home, got ready for the work, and left my home at 07:30. Since my shuttle take me from a bit far to my home, I always walk 5-10 minutes to the shuttle stop. So, i started to walk. I turned right at the corner and suddenly, one car  got slower and stopped in front of me and shouted.”I’m gonna lick your pussy!!!!” After 3 repeats, he speeded up and left. I was shoked! It was half past seven in the morning and i had this experience. I was sad. Wanted to cry. Couldn’t walk for a while. Do you want to know what is worse than it? An old woman was walking on the same street with me too and she asked me if i’m ok? And i told that i have been abused by the man. Her answer made me cry more;

“Why you even wore a short skirt!!!” After that, I became aware of another problem that women don’t support women too! Unfortunately, this problem always shown up in different stages of life such as work environment, social life and so on.

Whenever I experienced this kind of problem in daily life, I feel that I need to share this with someone else. In other words, I need to tell all the things happened to me, someone else so that, I can share my weight of feeling ashamed on behalf of someone.

Having all the thoughts in my mind, I decided to express all my opinions and experiences by writing here on my blog page.

Hoping to reach new people who suffer from these issue and want to share their experiences as me too.

Send your experiences to my e-mail address > and let yourself to speak up! We’re not alone and as long as we support each other, we will not be alone in the future too! Be yourself, don’t hide anything and let people to listen to your stories!

It’s always better to be a solution rather than looking for a solution!

#IletMyselfToSpeakUp and it’s your turn to #LetYourselfToSpeakUp