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Temmuz 2015

Let’s Accept “BEFINE Challenge” !

15 Temmuz 2015



Have you ever heard about Befine Challenge?


Have you already accepted the challenge?

Well, let’s know a little bit more about it!

My friends and I have been trying to change our life styles such as changing our eating habits, doing more sportive activities, joining more cultural events, discovering new places and so on for 3 months. When we found that it wasn’t enough to share this experience with just three of us, we wanted to have this experience together with other people who want to change their life styles and want to live healthier lives.

How this idea came into our minds?

This is not the perfect one you’ve ever heard but nevertheless, i’ll try to tell you the story;

In the last term of our university education, we took a course entitled “Marketing & Society” and we were supposed to create an idea for the project according to the subject title (which was Childhood Obesity)  we choose at the beginning of the course. In a nutshell, we created a mobile app idea including different categories to change children’s daily habits.

Anyway what happened next?

We named it “Befine” and presented it to the instructor. As we understood, she liked it but even if she didn’t like it, at least we felt connected to the idea :)

Afterwards, the university life finished, we got good grades, we graduated and we didn’t want to throw this inspiring name away as well as the opportunity to create a small community.

During the period that we’ve been caring about our health and wellness; we’ve noticed that our life standards and mental health have been becoming better. Thus, we felt encouraged to emphasise and reflect this idea (the way of seeing life) to everyone who wants to get some inspiration to start doing it.

At the end, the name, “Befine” became an Instagram Account which is “Befine Challenge” calling people to live better lives;

Befine Challenge Instagram Account

By living a healthier life, we’re not promising to lose weight (to be honest, it  eventually  happens once you change your daily eating habits) or strong muscles but we’re promising to feel better in the long-term. If you wonder, currently, we do not have millions of followers since we want to get in touch with organic users; In other words, we want to interact with real Befine Challengers 😉

Because of this, we kindly invite you to accept “Befine Challenge” and follow us on our Instagram page :)

So, if you want to share what makes you feel better in your life and how you achieve the success you dream by changing your bad habits, we’re more than welcome to see and listen to it. Just tag as (@befinechallenge) and send a photo via Instagram 😉

Thanks for your support and interest,




Yeni Serüvenim / My New Adventure

2 Temmuz 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 16.52.48

Yaklaşık 2-3 hafta önce çok sevdiğim dostum Argın Aytaç’a bana gitar dersi vermek için vaktinin ve enerjisinin olup olmadığını sordum. Kendisi beni hiç kırmadı ve hemen derslere başladık. Çoook küçükken gitar öğrenmeye çalışmış ancak küçük bir kaza sonucu parmağıma derin bir kesik alınca çalarken parmağımı acıttığı için bırakmıştım. Bu dönem sonunda mezun olmamla birlikte bolca zamanımın boşta kaldığını fark ettim ve neden yazdığım şarkı sözlerini besteye dökmeyeyim, hatta bunu dinlemek isteyenlerle paylaşmayayım dedim. Sonuç olarak mükemmel bir gitarist değil ama kendime ve ruhuma yetecek derecede gitar bilen bir gitarist olabilmek umuduyla bu yola girdim. Daha üçüncü dersimizi tamamlayamadık ama ben sabırsızlanıp kendi kendime bildiğim bir kaç akorla doğaçlama seanslarına başladım. Hatta utanmadan bir de bunu “”daki  hesabımda paylaşmaya da karar verdim :)

(Bkz. > Söz & Müzik : Yağmur Şimşek :))

Tüm söz ve müzikler bana aittir,

“Doğaçlama” yazan parçalar, hakiki doğaçlamadır (Anlayacağınız, sözü de müziği de o an yazılmıştır),

Maksadım mükemmeli değil, ruhuma iyi geleni yapmaktır,

Dinlemek isteyene de her zaman kapım açıktır:)

Gelişimimi zamanla takip etmeniz dileğiyle;

Bu kız yakında kafayı sıyırır :):):)


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 16.52.48I asked Argın Aytaç who is one of my close and unique friends, if he has time and energy to give me guitar lessons. Thank’s to him, he accepted my request and we started our lessons immediately. I used to try learning how to play guitar once when I was at secondary school but, unfortunately I could not continue it, since I accidentally cut my finger deeply and it hurt while I was playing at that times. Anyway, currently I’ve noticed that I have plenty of times to do something different after my graduation and started to think creating musics for my own song lyrics by playing guitar as well as sharing them with my followers who want to listen to them:) In a nutshell, I’ll try to be a guitarist who doesn’t play guitar perfect but does play it enough to satisfy herself. We haven’t finished our third lesson yet but I couldn’t be patient and already shared two of my songs which I improvised  with 2-3 chords that I know, on my account in soundcloud.

(You can find my account’s link below;

Music & Lyrics : Yagmur Simsek )

To make something clear;

All musics and lyrics belong to me!

When I write, ‘Improvise’ as a title, this means that they are really created at that moment :)

My aim is not playing the perfect but playing somethings good for my soul!

I wish you keep following me during my learning process and watch my improvement day-by-day

OR watch me when i’m getting crazy :)

Improvise 1 / Doğaçlama 1 >


Improvise 2 / Doğaçlama 2 >


Improvise 3 / Doğaçlama 3 >